Letter box drops (LBD)

Why Buy

Letterbox advertising using Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail is a straightforward and highly effective method for distributing catalogues, flyers, and other promotional material.

This form of advertising enables businesses to reach a wide audience across Australia or target specific businesses and consumers in local areas, ensuring maximum campaign impact.

Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail allows businesses to reach people all over Australia. With a vast distribution network, including urban, suburban, and rural areas, businesses can effectively target a wide range of potential customers. This extensive reach ensures that your promotional material reaches a significant number of households and individuals, maximising the visibility of your campaign.

In addition to national reach, Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail enables businesses to target specific businesses or consumers in their local area. This targeted approach allows businesses to focus their advertising efforts on the communities and neighborhoods most relevant to their products or services. By reaching local audiences, businesses can establish a strong presence within their target markets and drive higher engagement.

Letterbox advertising provides a tangible and physical form of communication that recipients can hold, browse, and refer back to at their convenience. This tactile experience creates a personal connection between the recipient and the advertised brand or offer. By placing promotional material directly into the hands of potential customers, letterbox advertising generates a sense of relevance and familiarity, increasing the likelihood of engagement and response.

Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail offers a cost-effective advertising solution compared to other traditional media channels. With various pricing options and flexible distribution formats, businesses can optimize their budget while still achieving a wide reach and targeted impact. This affordability allows businesses of all sizes to utilize letterbox advertising as a viable marketing strategy.

Letterbox advertising consistently demonstrates high levels of engagement and response rates. Studies have shown that a significant portion of recipients actively engage with the promotional material they receive, whether it’s reading catalogues, exploring offers, or making purchase decisions. The physical nature of letterbox advertising, combined with the convenience of browsing at home, contributes to its effectiveness in driving customer actions and conversions.

Why use us

At our agency, we are dedicated to going the extra mile and putting in the hard work necessary to provide our clients with a strong competitive advantage through strategic planning and placement of letter box drop advertising. We understand the importance of intelligent planning and roll up our sleeves to deliver exceptional results.

To ensure maximum reach and frequency for each campaign, we employ a set of meticulous planning scenarios specifically designed for letter box drop advertising. Our experienced team analyses various factors such as target audience demographics, consumer behavior, and geographical considerations to develop robust strategies tailored to meet our clients’ unique objectives.